We’re always talking to clients about creating quality visual content, but how do we define and measure quality?

Quality content starts with your customers.

All marketing efforts start with your audience. Who is going to receive your message? What kind of information do they find important regarding your business?

Present your blog post, newsletter, or video in a clear and simple way. Avoid industry specific jargon or buzz words. Your prospects are coming to you because they are not familiar with what you do. They aren’t looking to get an education in what you do, just information about how to solve their problem.

Quality content has a point – Get on with it!

Telling stories, sharing experiences, and giving examples of what your business does is fantastic. But, what kind of action will your customer take after experiencing it? Will they pick up the phone, send you an email, or place an order? Everyone wants to create the next ‘viral’ hit and be entertaining, but will your customers “see” what you want? You want your content to have a connection to your business.

Quality content is found and shared

Spreading your content has never been easier and more difficult. You want to create something that is too good to hold back. The entire purpose of any message is to be spread. What makes an idea spread? It has to be remarkable; it has to be something that people want to innately share, online or off. Great ideas are never kept locked up.

Take Action!

1.      Who is your audience?
2.      Does your content have a point?
3.      Is your message remarkable?

Here’s a piece of video content that we made with Endurance IT. We created a piece that highlights their unique company culture that inspires people both internally and externally. That culture led Endurance IT to be named one of the best places to work by Virginia Business Magazine.

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