What happens when you get a bunch of creatives up early on a Saturday morning, give them a blocked off Norfolk City Street, and let them lose? Shenanigans of course! Or art. Really it could go either way.


Blue Steel
Paul is doing his best modeling pose

The RGB Team + Bryan Brough (of Eyecaptures Photography Fame) woke up horribly early on a Saturday and made their way to Downtown Norfolk to see what they could create.

What IS he looking at? We may never know...
This is Bryan, he is awesome!

Apparently the Universe was on their side, as they found that a run was going on and many of the side streets were blocked off. Never ones to miss an opportunity, they quickly set up shop and got to work…

Not afraid to hang off the side of a building….FOR ART!

Yes, lots and lots of hard work to be found, nobody lying down on the job…

Eric is perhaps a little *too* adventurous…
Paul is such a good model!
It is hard work being a photographer

Of course Paul kept getting distracted…


Not really ;)
Paul doing chin ups…

So we had to keep him in line


Paul gets air!
So this happened…

By whatever means necessary


Eventually we did get some fantastic company portraits

Downtown Norfolk Yes
Paul, Eric & Abby of RGB


Who says you can’t have fun and create fantastic Commercial Images?

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