We’ve talked about what it means to have quality content, and how to relate that content to your business goals. The truth is, creating good content takes time and hard work and at first glance can be very overwhelming.  However, you have all the tools you need to create fantastic custom content in an easy and efficient manner, all you need is a little guidance in your planning phase and you will be good to go!

Whether you are writing a blog post or filming for YouTube, think about what attracts someone to your content.

The answers to those questions should be in the content you make. So how DO you find the answers to those questions, and implement them into your custom content? Simple: start by collaborating with your managers, sales team, and customers.

Managers will put your ideas into context based on the business trends they see. They are on the floor every day observing customers and hearing from your Sales Staff. They will know which areas to focus on for maximum impact. For example, which product line should get the most attention? Management will know. This gives your content an initial direction.

The Sales Team has a direct line into your customers’ problems and questions on a large, hands-on scale. The Sales Team knows what the current objections are, and how people find out about your business. The same ideas that are formulated during the sales process can be turned into great content.

And of course, you should always go right to the source: Your Customers! Talking to your customers is always a good thing, but for content creation you should be listening for what they want to buy versus what you are trying to sell them. Your killer content will fill in any informational gaps your customers have.

So now you know where to start (managers), what your content should say (sales team), and what it should do (customers).

Repeating this process will give you an easy framework to have effective and meaningful messages. It requires a lot of teamwork, but will strengthen your brand unity and customer satisfaction in the end. Now get out there and start making great content to let people know the amazing work that you do!

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