Time is a precious non-renewable resource that many of us have trouble managing. I haven’t met anyone who feels they have too much time on their hands. To honor the value of time, let’s begin some new traditions which make family time truly meaningful.

5 Easy Ways to Make More Time for Your Family:

1.     Turn the modem and cable box off. 

I love surfing the internet and watching TV, but it’s too passive to create a real moment, simply watching TV together is not enough. Take a couple of nights each month to play a card game or talk about the books and TV shows that you do watch together.
2.     Enjoy food and meals together by making dinner “an oasis in time,” without interruption
Having a meal together is probably the simplest thing to do, but simple and easy are not the same thing. By removing all other distractions during the meal time, it gives your family an opportunity to catch up and communicate what is going on and what is important in each other’s lives.

3.     Claim a tree or outdoor area as a spot to visit regularly to read together.
Pick a special place that the family can come together and read stories. By creating a designated spot, memories get formed, and a tradition is born. Your children might keep bringing their children, and a positive cycle is created.

4.     Participate in outdoor activities as a family including picking apples, hiking or riding bikes.
Our area is so blessed to have access to a variety of areas. There’s tons of great family activities to do each week. Check out our Facebook Page for updates on the area’s best events!

5.     Get enough sleep to help you feel rested and calm.
Before you roll your eyes at me, remember that you have to take care of yourself. As a busy parent and spouse, it’s important to remain rested, fed, and calm.

We would love to help you spend some quality time with your family by creating a beautiful family portrait. Please give us a call to schedule your consultation today. 

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