What does Rock and Roll, Healthy Living, BBQ Sauce, and Insects from the Indonesian Rain Forest have in common? Each one represents a different small business we created stunning photographs.

First Impressions are really important when showing off your product to the world. The internet makes it almost certain that someone will check out your business from their work desk, home, and cell phone. You only get a few precious seconds to grab someone’s attention. A seamless ecommerce store and a well-designed website helps, but it has to work in conjunction with great product photography. Large colorful photographs are going to be a prospects easiest way to take in the most information.

The quality of your imagery is going to jump out immediately if someone has been searching and comparing you to your competitors. Even people who are not trained photographers can recognize when a photograph has been taken with care or has been put together in the last minute.

We love analyzing your product, putting it into the proper context and coming up with a creative look for it.  We always think about how the item will appear in a flat photo, because some products don’t photograph as easily. You will want to show scale, texture, or any other physical attribute. Your business would not exist without your products so it is important to present them in most attractive manner possible.

If you have a beautiful product to show to the world, give us a call for an image consultation and let us help you find the best look for your business. Check out some of our other photos on our commercial photography page.

Here is a video taking a look behind the scenes of a typical rock star product photography session


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