6 Photos Every Listing Should Have (and You May Forget)

  So, you got the listing. You loaded it all up online. And it looks pretty good, right? A “nice” description with “nice” pictures might make a “nice” first impression. But that might also be its last impression, given buyers’ approach to ruling listings in and out. Buyers’ approach is, in a word, ruthless. Buyers […]

Farm to Fork – Virginia Beach Food and Culture Photography

Buy Fresh Buy Local Hampton Roads is an awesome organization that gets the community involved in local food. I went to this year’s Farm to Fork, an annual event celebrating great food grown by local farmers and cooked to perfection by local chefs. This year’s offerings blew me away and is in my top 3 food […]

VA Rush Soccer – Virginia Beach Sports Photography

We are proud to be the official photo studio of the VA Rush Soccer League and wanted to show off some of the great things you can get to celebrate your child’s achievements. Schedule your Sports Photos Today!  We can’t wait to meet your team.

Family Portraits – Behind the Scenes at RGB Imaging

What size print should you have? The answer depends on where you want to display it! We consulted with our clients to make sure the prints they have are the perfect size. In this video we show off just a few of the things you can do with prints. One family ordered a set of […]

Creating Valuable Family Time

Time is a precious non-renewable resource that many of us have trouble managing. I haven’t met anyone who feels they have too much time on their hands. To honor the value of time, let’s begin some new traditions which make family time truly meaningful.

Jumping for a Purpose 5, SEPT 14th 2013

On September 14th the RGB imaging took to the Dropzone early in the morning to help Wounded Wear setup for thier Jumping for a Purpose at Skydive Suffolk. By the end  of the day we had in the words of Jason Redman “Thrown some pretty banged up guys and girls out of a perfectly good […]

Do you know what AIDA stands for?

4 Words that increase the effectiveness of marketing your small business. Marketing strategies constantly change with the introduction of new tools and theories. My advice to stay sane is to stick the basics. The best advertising advice still comes from research done at the turn of the century. Our job today is tweaking it for […]