Commercial Videography

Professional Video Marketing for Small Businesses in Hampton Roads

What would you rather see? A wall of text on a website, or a clean, professional and fun video? In today’s tech age, it is important to connect with clients in new and exciting ways. Ways that will communicate not only your services, but your unique business personality and brand. Video is the answer. The internet has created new levels in marketing: with Youtube and websites you can communicate your brand to your clients in a much more cost effective and efficient way than ever before. Leveraging the quality of professional video on your website creatively engages your visitors and increases sales, communication, and trust with your clients, instantly creating a rapport between you and your viewer. Engage your clients with an interactive experience with Professional Videography for Small Businesses from RGB Imaging. Whether it be an information video, event coverage or internal training video, RGB Imaging can help you create something amazing.

So how do you know if you need Professional Video? It all depends on what you want to accomplish.


  • You want to give consumers the information they need to make quick buying decisions.
  • You want to explain a complicated subject to your client or give them information in an easy to understand way.

Be Found

  • You want to increase your SEO footprint so it is easier to find you online.
  • Create more avenues to drive traffic to your website.


  • You want to create branded content.
  • You want to create your own training videos for your employees.
  • You want to communicate your vision and connect to clients on a personal level
  • You have an awesome business event you want to turn into a marketing piece.