Tactical Photography and Videography

Tactical Photography & Videography

We are retired military; we understand the privacy, confidentiality and the liabilities of our sworn Law Enforcement, Security related and Military Personnel. Our training and real world experience enables us to safely and professionally cover tactical operations of various local, state and DOD organizations.

Our background gives us the complete understanding of how to operate around and with tactical personnel both in controlled range settings and field operations to be able to provide the professional images these warriors deserve.

We provide national and international level quality to all our clientele.

RGB Imaging has a proven track record which includes companies ranging from internationally based companies to locally owned small businesses and numerous DOD organizations, civilian DOD contracted businesses and other Government agencies.

All of our tactical photography and videography services are available on location, regardless of the environment. And with the utmost discretion.

We are Duns and Bradstreet verified and registered as a Government contractor.