Where do I get my picture order form?

Picture order forms will be available at the photo session. We also provide them to the Team Representative prior to the photo session so they may be filled out before to expedite the session. Parents may pay by check or cash or charge. Photographers will not be able to provide change at the photo session.

How do I pay for my pictures?

We accept cash, check or MC, Visa, and Discover when ordering. For cash, check orders you will place that in the payment form at the photo shoot. For credit cards payment document your card information on the order form. Your credit card payment will be processed within 24 hours and then your card information will be shredded for your piece of mind. Please insert one payment per envelope. All prices include sales tax.

How long till my order is ready? And how do I get them?

Unless other arrangements have been made with a certain League, your orders will be ready for pick up at our studio in approximately 3-4 weeks after the photo session. The orders will be picked up by the Team Coach or Team Representative, at our studio this will ensure control of your child’s images. We do have evening pick up times outside of our normal Studio hours to accommodate our busy schedules. Other arrangements for delivery will be handled on a case by case basis and available for non local leagues.

My child was sick and missed the team appointment. Can I still have a picture taken?

Yes, you may contact the studio directly at (757) 491-7676 and we can arrange an appointment for you. You may purchase individual photos without the team photo if you wish. You will need to fill out the order form as usual.

What if I forgot to order something or want more pictures later?

You may contact the studio directly and we can fill out a new order form for over the phone and place your order. We archive the photos for a period of 2 years.

I forgot to fill out my order form and turn it in. What can I do now?

You have a couple of choices, -you can contact the studio directly place an order for team only photos if you wish.

-Or you can schedule an individual appointment as if your child missed the team appointment.

-On occasion we may photograph a child without a form at the request of the coach or team representative.  Check with your child or coach or us to see if we took the individual photo. If we took your child’s picture then you can place your order over the phone or in person at the studio.

I forgot to include payment with my order form – can I pay later?

As Soccer parents ourselves, we understand that once in a while things get left in the rush for the field. We can take your child’s photo however we will not process any order until the payment is processed either in person in the studio or over the phone.

Can I use one payment envelope for multiple children?

I’m sorry but to alleviate confusion in the ordering process we require each child to have their own ordering form. Combining payment can cause confusion and lead to inaccurately filled orders wasting your time and ours.

I am a divorced/separated parent we both want pictures how can we keep our orders separate?

Simple. Please fill out two order forms each with the corresponding parent information and we will process the orders separately and we will package the orders in separate envelopes. The coach or team mom will get all of the pictures for the team.

I have 2 children or I’m a coach of my son’s / daughter’s team and wish a picture with them how can I do that?

Please fill out a separate form for that photo and enclose the payment. We do need a separate form to keep the orders straight and not have confusion in the ordering process. If we are only taking a picture of your children together then we only need one for those Children taken together.

I received my order – I think something is missing?

Please contact the studio directly and we will resolve the issue.

I am not happy with my child’s picture.

Although we make the best effort to provide the best quality and to capture the best of your child but we do not always succeed. Please contact us directly at the studio. We will review the image and if we can’t fix it, we can retake the photo or give you a refund.